Farm-to-Closet with Kotn

Farm-to-Closet with Kotn


Creating sustainable and ethical clothing brings us so much joy with a purpose. But, nothing could have prepared us for the gratitude we feel collaborating with like-minded brands such as Kotn

The Kollektif X Kotn Collection features four must-have quality basics with minimalist designs that elevate your street style with a good message. This collection is an iteration of our The Green Side Collection. The “Green Side Club” is an ode to our community who have supported our brand and taken the initiative to purchase ethical clothing and live sustainably. With printed and embroidered graphics we are able to embed the conversation of slowing down into good designs and quality products. This launch takes our mission and vision even further right into the hands of our community.



Kotn is a certified B Corp whose commitment to social responsibility is a vital part of the brand’s DNA. Working directly with cotton farming families in Egypt they are able to produce all the minimalist wardrobe basics it is now famous for. Not to mention, they were founded right here in Toronto. This is only part of why we believe they are the perfect match to launch a new line of streetwear we know you will love.

The idea of "farm-to-table, but for clothes” inspired this collaborative collection with Kotn. With the goal of producing custom ethical apparel, all the pieces are 100% traceable, sustainable, and made of 100% Egyptian cotton sourced from farmers in the Nile Delta, Egypt. Even our mailers are 100% compostable. Nothing better than guaranteeing a carbon natural purchase.

Each stage of the manufacturing and production process of this collection is transparent and traceable. Quite literally starting from the farm right into your closet. We partnered with Kotn because they focus on creating a world of timeless designs that honour the people who make them and the places they are made. Kotn believes that traceability—the knowledge of where a product came from, who made it, how, and when—shouldn’t be a luxury, but a standard.

Kotn has worked to ensure the best business practices for the community, guaranteeing living wages, safe working conditions, fair treatment, and environmental transparency at every step in the supply chain. Together we aim to align with global sustainability standards. 


Sure we could say that the ethical and sustainable efforts of our partner are good enough causes to create this collection but we want to go even further with this launch. 

When you purchase from the Kollektif X Kotn Collection, you help: 



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