Slow Fashion. Slow Lifestyle. Join The Green Side.

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Our days are filled with endless content, so before you dive in, let’s take a deep breath together. Take a moment for yourself. Slow down.

We often race through our days, unaware of what we are consuming either virtually or in the real world. This consumption doesn’t exclude the products we buy either. Each purchase we make matters and shopping for sustainable goods and ethically made clothing matters. Rather than hitting the checkout button without a second thought, take a moment to reflect on how your purchase impacts the world around you.


The Green Side Collection is inspired by the exact concept of slowing down – being conscious and mindful of what is taking up space in your life and how we take up space in the world.

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If you are new to shopping for sustainable fashion from collections like ours, you may be surprised by a few things:

The first is the price tag – but, it is important to understand that slow fashion brands are not designed at the same rate as fast fashion. We take our time and prioritize eco-conscious practices, ethical production standards, timeless design, and high-quality products that never go out of style.

Take our totes, for example, we created them with quality and durability in mind so that you can actually use them and keep them for a long time. Sustainable fashion is like an investment! The better quality of the product the longer it will last and this is an investment you will feel good about making.

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The second thing you may notice – brands that prioritize ethical clothing and goods disclose where their products are designed and manufactured. The Green Side Collection totes are designed in Toronto, Canada, and made in California, USA. We carefully source products and materials to create timeless streetwear through ethical and sustainable production.

However, creating a sustainable brand and product is not a perfect process. Our ultimate goal for future launches is to ensure our goods are all made in North America to reduce our transportation footprint and keep shipping costs affordable.


A sustainable lifestyle is not just a trend. It is a commitment you make to yourself and to the planet. Our commitment is rooted in giving back to the community and ensuring equal opportunity across all verticals. In partnership with One Tribe, each purchase plants 10 trees and saves 5 more in the rainforest.

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We are committed to neutralizing our carbon footprint and focusing on preservation. Instead of planting new trees, saving the existing trees in the rainforest has proven to have more impact on the environment and biodiversity. This helps fight the climate crisis by reducing Co2 in our atmosphere and instantly improving the carbon footprint of your purchase.


Remember we mentioned how important it is to be conscious of the space we take up in this world? This mindfulness applies to the friends you keep as well as the content and products you consume. It’s important that the company you keep has shared values and commitments to a sustainable lifestyle. We feel so strongly about this that we only build partnerships with brands and organizations that are also on a mission for sustainability, eco-preservation, and ethical standards.

Man wearing Sustainability T Shirt outside of store Promise Supply

Yes, our friends at One Tribe wholeheartedly share these beliefs but they aren’t our only partners. You can shop The Green Side Collection at Promise Supply at Stackt Market in Toronto. With every purchase made from Promise Supply, they are saving 5 trees in the rainforest and Kollektif is planting 10 new trees through our global tree planting partner Ecologi. A bonus to our partnership with Promise Supply is that we love to partner with like-minded businesses.

These are the kind of friends we want to keep around!