Kollektif™ and Tishwish: A Package Deal

Kollektif™ and Tishwish:  A Package Deal

What’s our love language? Compostable Packaging. 

At Kollektif, we don’t want your experience to stop at just your garment. No, we want to ensure you feel our love and commitment to the planet from the moment the package arrives in your hands. Which is why we’re so glad to package Kollektif’s goods and garments with Tishwish’s compostable mailers

Sustainability comes full circle…well, we’re going to try, anyway

We take pride (and let’s be honest, a whole lot of excitement) in poring over every single thread and manufacturing step that goes into creating a Kollektif sweater, t-shirt, tote, and hat. But to be truly environmentally responsible, we also need to take that passion for detail when each one leaves our office as well. Which is why we’re so grateful for Tishwish—they’re helping us find active solutions to creating a circular economy. 

They’re helping us in our commitment to the circular economy principles as much as possible:

  1. Eliminate waste and pollution
  2. Circulate products and materials
  3. Regenerate nature

So to ensure our mailers don’t end up contributing to the 9.2 billion tonnes of plastic in landfills, we use Tishwish’s packaging for all of our shipments. Every package is sent out with their amazing, earth-conscious, responsible, and most importantly, compostable mailers. 

Made from corn syrup, these fun and colourful mailers ensure your Kollectif products arrive in your hand safely without having to live in the landfill for hundreds of years. 

Why do we love Tishwish? Well, do you have a couple of hours or days?

Tishwish’s entire product range is committed to zero waste while building towards the health of our planet. By creating biodegradable mailers for companies (like us) to distribute to customers, they’re actively helping to turn the tide on single-use plastics. 

How it all breaks down

  • Tishwish mailers are created with plant-based materials that will break down in just three months at a composting facility, or in six months at your home compost bin
  • Made with recycled materials and 100% recyclable materials
  • 100% compostable and even printed with vegetable-based inks
  • Internationally certified to meet global sustainable standards

So, how do you properly dispose of our Tishwish mailers?

Step 1:
Remove all labels and stickers (including your postage address labels)

Step 2:

Cut the mailer into small strips. It’s all about the surface area, baby! To speed up the decomposition, the smaller the piece, the quicker the breakdown

Step 3:
Drop it in the compost! Just toss it in your home compost bin where it will break down in about six months, OR schedule a drop off at your local composting facility and it’ll break down even faster. 

Step 4:

Your mailer is now biodegrading back into where it came from: nature. And it’s also bringing nutrients into the soil and plants back with it. 

Seeing the forest and the trees: Tishwish’s Re-Leaf Program

To be truly sustainable, we must acknowledge that almost everything we do can be a toll on the environment. So with every Kollektif garment packaged in a Tishwish mailer, you’re also contributing to their Re-Leaf program to replenish our forests, curb carbon emissions, generate employment in low-income communities, and reduce the overall levels of packaging in landfills. To this date, they have planted over 5,600 trees. 

And don’t forget, every Kollektif product purchased also saves five trees in the rainforest. You can read more about that here

What does it mean to join Kollektif’s Green Side?

It means to be part of an amazing community that actively takes responsibility for their environmental impact by seeking solutions that do less harm, create less waste, and empower more people to do the same. 

Just like most things in life, it takes a village. Individually, saving the planet is impossible, but when we’re all hands on deck at the Green Side, everything seems possible—including building a healthier, more sustainable planet. So when you’re supporting us, you’re also helping us find amazing like-minded partners like Tishwish to help every stage of your Kollektif product have the least amount of environmental damage. Which is why we thoughtfully choose our partners in our commitment towards a circular economy—so, as much as possible, we’re eliminating needless waste and harm from every step of Kollekif’s product journey. We’re not always going to be perfect, but darn it, we’re going to try. 

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