No Rush. Bask in your Glow.

No Rush. Bask in your Glow.

As we enter a new season, we emerge from hibernation to revel in the sun as it shows itself for the first time in weeks. All of a sudden it clicks. This is what you’ve been missing. The warmth, the light, the sunshine. You stop and take your time to let the beams hit your face to nourish your body and soul. Just like a leopard finding its place to bathe in the sunlight, you too become one with nature.

You bask in the glow. You slow down and make the most of it.

This is the exact inspiration behind our mini collection with local Toronto artist, Chris Jordan Consul

The leopard and its spots have a much deeper connection to him than the simple pleasure of its glory and appreciation of being surrounded by light. As a mixed media artist, Chris’s vision for this project came to life from a few pieces he had already been working on. His design process first began with painting on a physical canvas and then moving his work to refine each detail digitally. 

In this mini collection in collaboration with Chris, we are doing all things local. Our long sleeves featuring the basking leopard will be 100% made in Canada. From production to design, Kollektif is creating this launch all from Toronto. Our goal with all our collections is always to leave our communities and planet better than how we found it. 10% of the profits from this launch will be donated to a BIPOC Charity in Canada.

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To be able to bask, you must be a good steward of the environment. You cannot enjoy the world’s beauty if you are not willing to help sustain it. 

Chris says that early on in life he was taught by his parents and family that you don’t take things for granted. A glass container becomes a home for a plant or a place to store his paintbrushes. A cardboard box or paper bag becomes a canvas for his art. 

It is important to us to not only be a sustainable brand but to also support local artists. Many artists have a true passion for making their own communities a better place to live through their artwork. We asked Chris how our community can support local artists. In simple words, he said, “just show love”. Share their work, talk about them with your friends, and connect with the artist to let them know that what they are doing inspires you. By showing your love you can pass on that inner glow. 

BASK: lie exposed to warmth and light, typically from the sun, for relaxation. It also means to ‘revel in and make the most of something’. 

Slow down, and be present.

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Connect with Chris on Instagram and check out his website.

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