col • lec • tif

  1. A lifestyle brand and community for conscious consumers
  2. Collectively taking positive action to make an impact on climate change

Prior to the inception of Kollektif, founder Alina Jo sought to find desirable and minimally designed plastic-free home goods that complimented her sustainable lifestyle. With no luck, she launched the brand and its first collection which included bamboo brushes, glass straws, and other goods. The goal was to curate these products from eco-friendly suppliers that were female-owned, BIPOC, and LGBTQ+ owned.

Today, Kollektif is still on that same mission to produce sustainable and quality products but have taken it beyond the home and into different facets of our lives. We are providing access to sustainable streetwear with traceable materials and minimized production. With each collection launched, we put our efforts into finding both local and global suppliers and manufacturers that complement our ethos and strive towards a better future.

We are on a mission to educate others on sustainability and encourage our community to Slow Down and do good. 

Along the way, we’ve added partners to the Kollektif community that help us to make an even bigger impact on climate change. We’ve made friends with Promise Supply for in-person shopping, Kotn for ethical collaborations and Google to gift our totes to support small businesses.

We aren’t just all talk either! We’ve partnered with Ecologi and OneTribe to ensure each purchase contributes to the neutralization of our customer’s carbon footprint by planting 10 new trees in areas in need and saving 5 trees from deforestation in the rainforest. 

Join the movement and let’s do good for our planet - we only have one.