Here at Kollektif, we curate goods under two pillars: Design and Sustainability. We could chat about our love of design all day but let us fill you in on our passion for sustainability.

Every corner of our brand is committed to embedding sustainability within our operations and supply chain. From made-to-order products to traceable materials, we emphasize that knowledge is power when it comes to producing goods and shopping for sustainable fashion.




We prioritize eco-conscious practices, ethical production standards, and high-quality products with timeless designs. To discourage overconsumption and mass production, some of our goods are launched in mini-collections and others are made-to-order.

Learn more about our Farm-To-Closet Collection with Kotn, where all pieces are made from 100% sustainably sourced Egyptian cotton. 


Supply Chain

We have made a commitment to provide a clear transparent supply chain by building strategic relationships with reputable partners. This enables us to ensure our goods are produced with the best business practices in mind guaranteeing living wages, safe working conditions, fair treatment, and environmental transparency at every step.




Our Mailers

Our mailers are 100% compostable. Made with recycled materials and vegetable-based inks, our mailers will break down in just three months. An unboxing you can be proud of.

Our Labels

Our labels are printed on eco-friendly paper and your receipts are delivered electronically to reduce waste.

Learn how to dispose of our packaging responsibly.



Our philanthropic roots and ongoing commitment to sustainability will always be an important part of our business. We’ve partnered with Ecologi and OneTribe to ensure each purchase contributes to the neutralization of our customer’s carbon footprint by planting 10 new trees in areas in need and saving 5 trees in the rainforest.


Why rainforests? Learn more here.